Why is learning how to communicate effectively SO important?

Because it's what separates us from the machines.

We communicate every day.  With our words, with our actions, and with our bodies.

But are we communicating effectively? 

The goal when communicating is for the person you’re giving the message to receive it.  It’s not about what we need to say, it’s about what they need to hear in a manner they can comprehend.   This takes practice, dedication, and much self-awareness.

"Wise men speak because they have something to say.  Fools speak because they have to say something." - Plato

Throughout this course, I will take you on a journey.  A journey to better relationships with your family and friends, to increased productivity at work, to stress-free conversations with coworkers (and superiors!), and most importantly, the journey to sophisticated self-expression.


  • A way to increase your teams’ motivation and output.
  • Executive Communication Skills.

  • How to have healthy conflict.

  • How to manage your stress level.

  • How to confidently communicate your needs to superiors and subordinates alike.

  • How to finally express yourself with confidence and clarity.

Course Information

This course is 20 of my favorite, and most often asked about, actionable tips that will get you communicating more effectively in no time!

  • Videos

    Just over an hour of useful, actionable, and realistic tips to help you begin communicating effectively today!

  • Content

    Easily consumable content chock-full of information in short, no-nonsense videos.

  • Workbook

    A 75-page workbook full of tips, additional information, and exercises to help you take your learnings even further.

  • Access

    365-day access to videos, exercises, and workbook! No need to rush through or skip steps just to get through the course before your time runs out!

  • Secrets

    The secrets to collaboration, team building, and therefore, productivity.

Introduction to Effective Communications Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • The WHY

    • Companion Workbook to DOWNLOAD

  • 2

    Course Modules

    • The WHO

    • The WHEN

    • The WHERE

    • The WHAT

    • The HOW

    • Conclusion

Pricing Options Explained

Full Course & Companion Workbook

  • Full e-course including seven (7) videos and over an hour of content.
  • A 75-page companion workbook complete with exercises and thought-provoking questions.
  • The investment in your new communication habits: $70.00

Full Course & Companion Workbook & 1:1 Call with Monique

  • Full e-course including seven (7) videos and over an hour of content.
  • A 75-page companion workbook complete with exercises and thought-provoking questions.
  • An exclusive and private 1-on-1 coaching call with Monique.  
  • The bigger investment in your new communication habits: $170.  
  • Retail value over $470!

Choose your own adventure!

  • $70.00

    Full Course + Companion Workbook

    Pick me!
  • $170.00

    Course + 45m Call with Monique

    Pick me!

What are people saying?

“I recently completed this communication course and loved it! Her style is so engaging, she is straight-talking, and puts the theory into real-life situations. I highly recommended this and am looking forward to the next offering. ”

Jo Sheppard, CAP, CWCA, Senior Executive Assistant at TDIndustries, Inc.

“Monique, I LOVED the course and had several aha moments. When you were talking about the airport incident and needing to “mark things off your list” I laughed to myself because that sounds just like me. Several times throughout the course, I felt like you were in my head because it was like you were talking specifically to me. I mentioned to my leader that I had enrolled and she was excited and supportive. Well done – highly recommend and I look forward to more!!!”

Nancy Neske, Senior Executive Assistant to Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer

“ “I’ve been through a lot of communication training. I’ve even facilitated a lot of communication training. I thought I had heard all there was to hear about the subject. I was so wrong! Monique shared ideas in her course I’d never considered before. Not only did she provide the information in an engaging and personal way, her ideas are simple and actionable. Definitely a course worth taking.””

David Mead, Speaker, Author, and Student of Leadership

“This course was eye opening for me. I'm a direct communicator, I like to get to the point and want others to do that as well-we aren't all wired the same. I need to keep reminding myself of that. This course reminded me to slow down-listen to what they are saying FULLY before responding. When I do respond be thoughtful of what my words are. What impact will they have on the recipient. Increased empathy is my goal in the short term. Thank you so much Monique and team.”

Anonymous Survey Participant

“It was very easily digestible and I completed the course with a lot of actionable takeaways!”

Anonymous Survey Partcipant

“I liked the structure - it is set out in "bite-sized chunks" which for me, made it easier to absorb the content and message. Also, Monique provided real examples: I found this more compelling when relating to each tip.”

Anonymous Survey Attendee

A special thank you

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